Atlantic City Fun Facts

Atlantic City is mostly known for its numerous casinos and the beach. However, Atlantic City is filled with a lot of history. Here are a few Atlantic City fun facts, you may not have known.

The most interesting Atlantic City fun fact may be that Atlantic City is home to the very first boardwalk. The one mile boardwalk cost $5,000 to build and officially opened in 1870. Stores were not permitted to build within 30 feet and during the winter the boards would be taken apart and stored away. Today, the boardwalk is four miles long filled with stores, restaurants, etc.

To go along with the boardwalk history, the Atlantic City boardwalk is where the term salt taffy originated. The term came about in the 1800’s and Joe Fralinger took the term and made the candy a popular selling item by creating a way for tourists to take the taffys home. His store still operates in the city today.

An interesting Atlantic City fun fact that most know is that the Miss America Pageant got its start in Atlantic City. The first pageant was held in 1921 and was a tactic to get tourists to stay in the city past Labor Day. The pageant moved Las Vegas in 2006 but now calls Atlantic City home again.

The first casino in Atlantic City surprisingly didn’t open until 1978. Today it is known as Resorts Casino Hotel, but back then it was known as The Resorts International Hotel. It was the first legal casino that wasn’t located in Nevada to operate in the United States.

These Atlantic City fun facts are just a few as AC is filled and continues to be filled with history.

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