Golfing at Harbor Pines Golf: What Does Harbor Pines Have to Offer You?

It’s important for golfers to find a club whose offers meet their needs. This will ensure that they have a challenging yet enjoyable golfing experience. Harbor Pines Golf courses has several benefits its guests can take advantage of. Three of its best offers include:

A Women Friendly Course

According to Golf Digest, a women-friendly course is one that not only challenges players with the complexity of its design but allows short hitters to enjoy themselves. It also one that sees the importance of investing in shorter tees as well as leagues. Harbor Pines Golf offers exactly that. It’s a gem to be treasured by expert and novice female golfers. It has even been rated as one of the top 100 women-friendly courses in the United States by Golf for Women Magazine. New Jersey monthly applauds its pure design that’s free of copied holes and artificial bulldozer mounds, which can frustrate any golfer. Its women’s league is called the Harbor Pines Women’s Golf Association (HPWGA).

An Environmentally Friendly Facility

Those golfers who are concerned about the environment can rest assured knowing that the owners of Harbor Pines considered the environment before constructing the facility. Audubon International has even given it the status of a “Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary.” The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program teaches golf clubs how to protect the environment while preserving the game of golf at the same time. The program helps golf clubs to improve efficiency and to reduce the harmful effects of golf course operations. It also teaches golf clubs about wildlife and habitat management, water conservation, water quality management and chemical reduction.

A World Class Golf Experience

Harbor Pines Golf is a favorite golf location because of its varied features. It has five sets of tees that allow golfers to enjoy the course at their own level. It also allows varied tee positions so golfers can lengthen or shorten holes and play from different angles. The beauty of the course is intensified and the terrain is made even more challenging by 12 ponds that add up to a total of 17 acres of water. Harbor Pines Golf course has outstanding conditions complete with ample fairway, short rough, an irrigation system and a course management program. Another reason why golfers like this course is because it’s so spacious and they can play undisturbed. The course follows the perimeter of a 520-acre wooded area. It also boasts of large undulating greens, well-marked yardage, and distinctive yet memorable bunkers. Furthermore, a bonus of playing this course is that golfers can visually read each hole. This allows them to assess the pros and cons of each shot they may make. Golfers can even see the landing areas from the tees and most greens face them, which reduces blind shots and enables them to plan their shots.

Golfers looking for a course that’s women and environmentally friendly as well as one that will offer the golfing experience of a lifetime should definitely check out Harbor Pines Golf. They will learn that this golf course has even more offers available for its guests.

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