Golfing By The Shore: Some of the Best Golf Courses in South Jersey are Near Atlantic City

Looking for a deal that offers both a great vacation and an awesome golfing experience? If so, it’s worth it to discover the golf courses in South Jersey. Atlantic City is a well-known vacation spot for golfers because some of the best golf courses are located near this seaside city. When golfers vacation near Atlantic City, they get the best of both worlds: the opportunity to play their favorite game and the chance to enjoy a vibrant city full of amazing sites, cuisines and attractions. Some of the golf courses near the Jersey shore include:

Ballamor Golf Club

One of thegolf courses in South Jersey is Ballamor Golf Club. This club offers a semi private golf course with an18 hole par 72 track as well as a five-tee system. It’s known for its hilly terrain and natural beauty. A unique aspect of this golf club is that it’s a good place for golfers to learn and improve their skills. It’s located just 15 minutes from Atlantic City.

Cape May National Golf Club                                                                                                               

Many people refer to The Cape May National Golf Club by its nickname “The Natural.” It’s another one of the golf courses in South Jersey known for its natural terrain. This club is home to nesting black-crowned night herons an endangered bird species in New Jersey. Its phenomenal course is made up of five Par 3’s, nine Par 4’s and four Par 5’s. It also has a slope of 136 over 18 holes.

Sea Oaks Golf Club

This club is located off of exit 58 of the Garden State Parkway. Its 18-hole golf course sits atop 195 acres of land that boasts of pine trees and sand dunes. Guests who vacation here also enjoy country club amenities that include a new hotel and inn.

Wildwood Golf and Country Club

Golf courses in South Jersey like this one allow its golfers to engage in their favorite sport while enjoying nature at the same time. Wildwood Golf and Country Club is just a few miles from scenic beaches and boardwalks located in the Wildwoods, Sea Isle, Cape May and Stone Harbor. It’s just 30 minutes away from Atlantic City as well. This private golf course features 18 holes.

Sand Barrens Golf Club

This club’s golf course has been awarded many distinctions such as 4 stars by Golf Digest’s “Places to Play” and has been dubbed as one of the best golf courses in South Jersey. It’s also recognized as one of the most modern golf courses in the entire United States. Guests enjoy its 27-hole golf course (three, nine hole courses) and 18,000 square-foot clubhouse.

The Sand Barrens Golf Club, the Wildwood Golf and Country Club, the Sea Oaks Golf Club, the Cape May National Golf Club and the Ballamor Golf Club are just a few of the golf courses guests have the option of choosing from that will allow them to play golf and vacation until their hearts are content.

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