At Golf AC, our number one goal is to make sure you have the best possible experience.  Browse our list of testimonials from our dozens of very satisfied clients and customers.



“Thanks so much Shannon it was a great trip with perfect weather. Have a great summer.” – Robert D.


“Just wanted to let you know we had a great time this past week – the house was great and we all had plenty of room – the weather was good with the exception of one day ( and we still played 27 holes that day) The courses were great and everyone was very friendly and accommodating, we parked the RV in front of the house and there was plenty of room – thanks again for all your efforts and I’m sure we will be using you again.”
5 Stars / 5 stars


“Just wanted to let u know that my group had a great time  this week in AC. everything worked out well. I really appreciate your efforts in making this happen. We will be back again next year.”  – Dave C.


“Just letting you know that everything turned out well with the trip.   Thanks for everything!” – Pat 


“Wanted to thank you for your efforts on this year’s golf trip.  I know you don’t have much to do about the weather but we lucked out with the weather.”



“The golf courses were great….my guys really liked Ballamor. Think we found our third golf course. Most of my guys want to keep this same line-up for next year. Anyway….I also wanted to thank you Shannon for getting us all on the same floor. Much easier for us to get together and plan dinners at night…plan on driving to the golf course, etc. Just so much more convenient. Anyway….my guys were fully satisfied which in the end makes me very happy. Thank you again.”
5 Stars / 5 stars


“Thank you for helping us put together our golf weekend. Everyone enjoyed to three courses, despite the fact at Seaview is growing their rough in anticipation of the LPGA tournament at the end of May which for us hackers, made for some difficult shots (as well as just finding an errant golf ball).”


“If things go as planned, I’m pretty sure we’ll be back in AC in 2015. Will stay in your touch with you.” – Bob E. (Woodbridge, CT)



“Just a short note to say “Thanks” for your efforts and the selection of courses. The hotel was perfect especially the breakfast room and the courses, though tough, were very nice. Too bad you couldn’t pick the weather. It was so windy! Thanks from all 6 of us for your help and professionalism.” –
5 Stars / 5 stars


“Everyone in the group was very happy with the accommodations and the golf. The timing for each day worked well. In particular thank you for your follow up with the prize from Twisted Dune.” –  George


“Thanks for putting together the best trip in the 14 years.  Everything was perfect.  Looking forward to next year.” –  Bob


“The golf courses were great (especially Blue heron Pines)  The trip was great.  I did not realize how much the AC infrastructure has changed and the new Revel is absolutely gorgeous.  Thanks again for the trip and if we come back to the area again you will be the first to get the business.” –  Ray S.



“My husband and his friends had a ball! Everything you did was top notch, they were all totally happy. I really appreciate all of your expertise and guidance in making the birthday present I gave him such a success! I would recommend you highly to anyone wanting to plan such a trip! And by the way they even had adjoining rooms. Thanks again.”
5 Stars / 5 stars


“We enjoyed both trips we took this year through your agency.  We plan to return next Spring, sometime in May.”  – Frank


“Wanted to thank you for your help with this past weekend’s trip.  Everything worked out great for us…  The Tropicana was a much better option for our lodging and the golf course all worked out well.   Having a weekend of summer weather helped as well (thanks for arranging that).” – Ed


“Just wanted to say thanks.  Our golf trip on July 12th – 15th worked out great. The Residence Inn was great and the 4 courses ( Ballamore, Marriott Bay Course , Twisted Dunes and Atlantic City Country Club) were very good choices.   Once again, thanks from the four of us.” –  Mark P.


“You guys did an all around great job. I honestly do not have any complaints. Everything was as promised and went very smooth. The fishing trip was fun. I will definitely be doing future work with you guys and recommending you to people I know.”


“Just wanted to say thank you for your help with our weekend. We had a great time and it was very simple except for all my knucklehead friends. I will definitely recommend you and use this service again.”


“I  would like to tell you of the 25 years that I ran golf outings in PA for 44 guys that this years trip was the pain  free thanks to you!  I will be in touch for next year and do the same package with a few different courses.  Thanks again!” – Kevin



“Please tell Shannon I appreciate her help, patience and always pleasant demeanor in setting up the weekend with my sons. Despite the uncertain weather at times we had a great time. It was the first time I’ve tried this sort of thing and Shannon held my hand through the process and helped this father make a lasting memory.”
5 Stars / 5 stars


“No complaints.  You pre-work and planning were perfect.  All the courses were great and the hotel was prepared for our arrival  Thank you for your attention to detail.” – Tom D. – See you next year again!


“All you guys provided great support especially Shannon, who I spoke with the most.  The hotel was great. They always are trying to improve the breakfast.  And we did enjoy the hospitality room, so hope we can do that again next year.  All the courses were solid and in great shape.  I’ll be in touch for next year’s trip. Thanks for a great job! You make me look good.” – Greg


IMG_1223“I’ve been organizing these trips for about 15 years with the guys. Until two years ago, we were going to Myrtle Beach every year. Last year we decided to forgo the airports and car rentals and went to Ocean CityMaryland. This year, we decided to try AC for the first time and I can tell you that to a man, the guys said it was one of their favorite trips. Thanks for coordinating everything. All the courses were challenging ( a number of us chose Twisted Dunes as #1) and the weather was perfect; especially for those of us that played 36 per day.”


“I’m fairly certain that AC will be in our plans for next year as well. I may upgrade for a few of us who really want to play the AC country club next year.  Thanks again for all the coordinating. The trip went off without a hitch and I had 17 happy golfers. Speak with you again next year!” –  Larry G


IMG_1229“You booked a golf trip for myself and 7 other guys a few weeks ago to Atlantic City. I just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of all the guys who attended this trip. Everything was great! The hotel was fantastic and the golf courses you chose for us were great! We didn’t have to do anything except wake up and show up 🙂 ”
“We are already looking forward to the trip again next year.
Thanks again for your time.  We will be in touch again.
Cheers!” –  Shane


“Well, another annual event has come and gone.  I can’t express what a “great time” we have on these trips.  The villas was great as usual, the weather and golf terrific, and I even hit my clubs fairly well!  Thank you both for everything you do to help may these trips come off so successfully.” –  Bill M.


“It worked out great.  All 3 courses were good and the weather cooperated. I even won a few hundred dollars.  So no complaints.  I’ll reach out in the fall about next year. Thanks for a job well done!!” – Al H.


“We had a great time again this year. My 12 guys were very happy w/the courses , hotel, carmine and the total experience. thx again to you and shannon. we will definitely be back again next year.  Regards.” – Dave C.


“I can’t thank you enough for the discount you allowed us, and also the gift certificate at ” THE CRAB TRAP “.   We had a wonderful time, food was excellent, and we were close to the Residence Inn.  All the other guys were quite happy !   Again, it was a pleasure working with Shannon with Mike helping in the background.  We’ve been doing this for quite some time, and look forward to doing it again. Thanks for everything!” – Bob T.


“Shannon does an outstanding job for us. This year she recommended the Palm restaurant along with a $100.00 gift card. I have to say for all the years my group has been coming down this was our best dining experience. The service,food and selection was great. Thank you Mike to you and your whole group. Cheers!!!”


“Just wanted to write and let you know how well everything worked out.  Of course there’s nothing like a long weekend with the weather we had to make things easy.  A bunch of us ate at the Library and it was great.  Two of the guys got prime ribs that got the place standing and cheering when they finished them.  They could have fed a family of five.  Thanks again for all your help.”  – Dennis


“The weekend was fantastic. Everything worked out perfectly. I appreciate all the help with organizing the trip. I will be sure to recommend you and GolfAC to anyone I know that is looking forward to a similar trip.  Thanks again for all you did.”  – Sean


“Just wanted to thank you for  all you did to make our golf trip so successful.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  You were great to work with.  We are all singing your praises!” –  Marie K


“Everything went without a hitch. The golf and weather was fabulous – we just gave our name at the hotel and at each course and we were all set.  It was so easy to work with you guy. THANK YOU!” –  Carol