Things to Do during the Wintertime at Atlantic City

Atlantic City is known for being a beach resort, so most visitors assume that Atlantic City is only worth the destination in the summer. This notion couldn’t be further from the truth.  There are plenty of Atlantic City winter activities.  It’s the perfect winter getaway!

Atlantic City is certainly well known for its casinos. The casinos do not close down for the season, they are open 24/7 all year round. Enjoy a night or weekend at a casino. You can do a little gambling, have a nice meal, or enjoy the nightlife. Don’t let winter depress you, have some fun at the Atlantic City Casinos and cast your winter blues away.

If you are taking a vacation with your family during the winter Atlantic City has great museums that you can visit. One of those museums is the ever popular Ripley Believe It Or Not Museum. This always popular attraction offers fun and thrills for the whole family.  Featured exhibits include the world’s smallest production car and a roulette table made out of thousands of jellybeans. There are over 400 odd exhibits to see. Another museum that is more educational is the Atlantic City Historical Museum. Here you will learn about the history of Atlantic City from the prohibition period to the history of Miss America. This museum is free, but does take donations.

The Atlantic City Aquarium is also something to visit during the winter time. At the aquarium you can see exhibits on the fish of the Atlantic Ocean, live coral, tropical shark tank, clownfish, and much more. There are also interactive tanks such as the touch tank where you can touch a live shark. Who wouldn’t want to spend the day visiting the creatures of the sea?

Atlantic City will always be a popular place to visit in summertime. However, it can be a fun place to visit in the winter, as well.  Come see what AC has to offer any time of the year!

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