What Are the Differences Between Atlantic City and Las Vegas?

Las Vegas and Atlantic City are constantly compared to one another. They both have casinos, great restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc. Although the two are similar Las Vegas typically gets the higher praise. However, Atlantic City has great things to do that Las Vegas does not.

One of the key differences between Atlantic City and Las Vegas is that Atlantic City has a beach. It is the perfect place to relax before having a night out on the town. Grab a chair, put your toes in the sand, and enjoy the view. The beach is kid friendly, making Atlantic City a family destination. Most places in Las Vegas you have to be over 21 to enjoy, making it difficult for families.

Atlantic City is home to the first boardwalk while Las Vegas doesn’t have a traditional boardwalk. The boardwalk first opened in 1870. It is four miles long filled with shops, restaurants, rides, and more. From people watching to surrey riding, you can always find something to do.

Atlantic City and Las Vegas both have great shopping locations such as the outlets. However, Atlantic City’s is right down the street from the casinos while Las Vegas’s outlets are a couple miles out from the main strip. The outlets at Atlantic City have your favorite brands such as Coach, Under Armour, Nike, Gap, etc. with great discount prices.

Atlantic City and Las Vegas are both historical cities. However, Atlantic City is home to the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey along with the third tallest in America. You won’t find that in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas may continue to get high praise when being compared to Atlantic City but AC is unique in its own way. Come find out why.

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