What Are the Health Benefits of Golf?

Golf can be thought of as boring, a sport that athletes play when their season is over, or a hobby for those that are retired. What isn’t thought of when the word golf is mentioned are health benefits. That’s right the game of golf offers health benefits.

One health benefit of golf is the exercise. As you walk to each hole calories are being burned. Golf is the perfect form of exercise for those who can’t make it to the gym. Your heart and lungs are also getting a nice workout. By working out your heart, your cholesterol levels lower and also lowers your metabolism.  Walking the golf course once or twice a week is plenty.

Another heath benefit of golf is making your bones stronger. By carrying your clubs you are creating a long muscle mass which creates a strong skeleton.  By creating a stronger skeleton you have a smaller chance of developing bone disintegration.

The game of golf can help improve your vision. By focusing on swinging, the ball, and small targets yards away you are improving vision and hand eye coordination.

A mental health benefit of golf is taking away built up tension and stress. As you are enjoying the friendly, competitive game endorphins are being released from your body. Endorphins are natural, mood enhancing drugs. When they are released, relaxation sets in.

The game of golf is not just for athletes who are done their season or those that are enjoying retirement. Golf is a game for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

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