What Are the Top Reasons to Play Golf?

With the weather getting nicer it is prime golfing season. Here are a few reasons why you should play a round of 18 this season and many more after.

Playing golf can be a workout without even knowing it. By choosing to not drive a golf cart you can be walking between 200 and 700 yards between holes. If you play a full round of 18 that could be between 2-4 miles of walking with your heavy clubs. Golf is a great way to exercise while having fun.

By playing golf you can receive great amounts of Vitamin D. Vitamin D comes from direct sunlight will help with your energy levels along with aches of pains that could be due a Vitamin D deficiency . Golf also allows you to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors. Especially if you are playing on a South Jersey course. If playing in South Jersey you get to enjoy beautiful greens with views of the ocean, Atlantic City, and the pine barons. It is a sight to see and enjoy.

Golf can also help with your mental state. The sport can help your mental state by having to concentrate and come up with a certain strategy. Interacting and playing with different people can also help your mental state by boosting your mood and giving you a sense of happiness.

Golf is a game for anyone including women and children. It is a sport that you can enjoy playing for a long time.

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