Where to Receive Golf Lessons in Atlantic City

Golf is a relaxing yet difficult game to learn. Between learning the stance, grip, and swing it can become a frustrating game very easily. However, if you keep with it, the game of golf can turn into a relaxing hobby. If you are looking to learn the game, check out these courses that offer golf lessons in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Country Club

Learn the game on a course where history was made. The Atlantic City Country Club is where the term “birdie” was coined in 1903 along with being home to the first senior tour event in 1980. Golf lessons offered include individual or group lessons taught by the club’s professional staff. Children can be in on the action as well.

Cape May National Golf Club

Although not located in Atlantic City, Cape May National Golf Club is just down the parkway. As part of your lesson but no extra cost, you will be able to enjoy the surroundings of their private bird sanctuary. The club is home to the black-crowned black heron.  Golf Lessons at the Cape May National Golf Club can be taken as a group or individual. They also offer golf schools, which can include a night at the local hotel. What will you learn? Learn short game, full swing, putting, the rules of the game, and more.

Blue Heron Pines

Blue Heron Pines is a Ron Jaworski golf course located in Egg Harbor City, just minutes away from Atlantic City. Blue Heron Pines is home to the New Jersey Academy of Golf, which was founded by Bruce Chelucci.  Golf lessons are available to fit any type of golfer’s needs. This includes private lessons, beginner clinics, tips on your style of play, etc.

These are just a few of the golf courses in Atlantic City that offer lessons, as there are more than a dozen.

Golf is a rewarding sport to learn. Get started today.

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